What are Anime Memes?

Well put anime and meme together, you get something like http://animetribes.com

I’m sure you have seen a lot of them. You cringe and hilariously laugh at those who have called it meme or meehmeeh, or you even once did it yourself. Now, you think you know all about meme but did you know how did the memes started and dominate the internet? Well, most probably by just being memes. Pun intended.

And what about anime? Ah-nee-may is actually a word originated from Japan, and it literally mean cartoon or animation. It is also referred to as Japanimation although it has become a rare term now even to be a taboo for some because anime just hold too much pride. Attempting to even replace anime with the word cartoon is just not acceptable to these anime lovers or fans (otaku).

So what is so great about anime memes? Since anime has more respect in planet earth for its developed storyline, people of all ages tend to gravitate towards anime. And hence memes just naturally grew amongst the Otaku. So as funny as it can get, funny memes and otaku memes just spurs, and dominate the internet.

To all otaku, why don’t you give Anime Tribes a visit. 🙂

Introducing ME

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dolores and I’ve been a traveler ever since I was in college. I just love to get my foot on foreign land and see lots of different and magnificent view.

Not many people dare to venture outside of their homeland especially when you are tied to your job. But I’m no rich person either, I’ve learned to take up offer and make trades with other and spend as efficiently as possible to allow me live my life as I see it to be.

I’m not rich, I’m not different from everyone else, but I absolutely live a happy life and at the moment, I’m just exciting to share everyone with my journey.

Hope you enjoy the stay, and please contact me at admin@hisp.info in case you have any thing in mind.